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On Monday Febuary 23, 2015 the Law Firm of:
 RuskinMoscouFialcheck hosted a dinner to celebrate the success of the 1st Annual APS Invitational Open. We raised over $13,000 for the American Legion Post 694 with additional proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project and Operation Warrior Wellness. We were also able to made a generous contribution to the Northport VA Hospital for Christmas presents before the 2014 holiday season. Present at the celebration dinner was our Volunteer Committee and Sponsors.  At the conclusion of the ceremony we announced the launching of the: 
2nd Annual APS Invitational Open. This will be again a Charity Golf tournament with the proceeds going to the Northport VA Hospital through the American Legion Post 694. We are now delighted to have Mr. Andy Cooney and Mr. Daniel Rodriguez (two of our greatest tenors) performing for us at our Golf Tournament. Both Andy and Daniel perfomed at Carnegie Hall last year to a sold out audience during Christmas. We are also pleased to have Ellen Karis (comedian/actress) also know as the "Greek Goddess of Comedy" who will be performing during our evening ceromonies. Last year I attended her performance and she was amazing. On July 23, 2014 I attended a performance by Daniel Rodriguez where he also had many friends and family in the audience. Amoung the performers were Andy Cooney and Mrs. Rodriguez who were both fantastic.  Dan performed an increadible intrepretaton of "Time to Say Goodby" with his wife and ended with his classic "God Bless America" which brought down the house. Please see the websites below for more info for these great, generous and truly patriotic performers. At the close of last year I attended another Carnegie Hall concert with Andy Cooney. He has never been better and got a standing
ovation at the conclusion of the concert. In the near future, Andy and Dan will be performing in the "3 Tenors", creating a CD, the proceeds of which will be going to the American Legion to help support our Northport VA Hospital here on Long Island. 


Please visit their websites to see other locations for upcoming performances…..


We will also be having a Sports Memorabilia
Auction by "Cow over the Moon" from Huntington, N.Y. 


On July 24, 2014,  Mr. John Cooney had a private tour arranged to see the Northport VA facility here on Long Island. We met Mr. Joe Sledge who is the Public Affairs Director at the Northport VA.   There is not one person who passed him who did not greet him, and we passed or 
saw many people during our tour. 

Mr. Joe Sledge has been there for over 20 years after serving in the US Army where he was stationed in South Korea. With his help this facility has become a model for health care delivery for our Veterans. 

Mr. John Cooney is a Marine who served in the Gulf War: "Desert Storm Operation". He now serves as the Commander of the American Legion Post 694 and is an attorney at RMF here on Long Island. 

We went on the tour and got the history of the facility.  From the onset you could seed that both Joe and John were 100% committed to helping our vets and had a passion that is special. 

The American Legion Post 694 and the Northport VA facility will be the primary beneficiary of the proceeds from our Golf Tournament. 

The AL Post 694 helps fund programs that the regular Federal funding does not provide. They provide food for those in need, and do this in a very dignified way as our veterans do not ask for this.  

They provide gifts for their children during holidays that they cannot afford, nor ask for. They now are providing for communication between the hospitalized vets and their families that they did not have before.

They have now created a new wing for returning vets from Afghanistan, Iraq and Desert Storm and adjoining this, one for their families as well. 

We also learned about the "Homeless" Veterans and that on average there are over 50 staying at the Northport VA facility daily. They have great programs to get them back into society via social programs and networking. 

At the end of our tour, we all went to the Honor Wall for ALL the wars fought by the United States. This was very moving as there is a picture etched on each Memorial. We heard stories about the Wall and the history of its construction that were amazing. I urge you to go to this to see for yourself what an great facility we have here on Long Island for our Veterans. 

Thank you, Joe and John, for what you both do so well, to help those in need! 

The address and email for the Northport VA Hospital is: 

Northport VA Medical Center

79 Middleville 

Northport, NY 11768

 Pictures taken during our Tour…..

As of the beginning of the Tournament , we have over 50 gifts to give out at the raffle awards worth over $30,000

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