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New York Classic Film Club

           Now in our 4th year,  Dr. Dan Pompa will host the:

                                New York Classic Film Club
Our next Film will be shown on Sunday, October 7th, 2018 at the Port Washington Public Library from 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM. As always we will have refreshments (Coffee and Tea) as well as Pastries. We will also have our usual sponsors and prizes to give out. The film will be Sinclair Lewis's "Dodsworth" from 1936 and is one of my favorites. It stars Walter Houston along with David Niven and Ruth Chatterton and was not popular at the time as it was controversial but was re-released on DVD in the 80's and is now given high acclaim. 
      There is no 
charge for the film or for attending the: 
                         New York Classic Film Club 

   Previous Films...............On January 7, 2018 we had a brave group come out as it was just 10 degrees. Our Film was "The Counterfeit Traitor" with Willliam Holden and Lillian Palmer. Many felt it was the best film to date. The person portrayed in this film: Erik Erickson, is probably the person responsoble for saving more lives in the 20th Century than anyone else. 

  Alfred Hitchock's:
 Strangers on a Train was shown on Sunday February 19, 2017 to our largest audience to date. It was the film that brought Hitchock back to the top of his game in the U.S.  

Thanks for the great turnout for our last film, Scarlet Street by Fritz Lang.

We had almost 100 people and that's 
a record for PWPL attendance for The New York Classic Film Club. 

Inline image 1     

"Stranger on a Train" (1951) on             
Sunday,   February 19th, 2017

Film Noir Classic starring:

Robert Walker,
              Farley Granger and
                                         Ruth Roman

It's rated a 98% by the Critics on the Tomato Reader and is one

of my 
favorite Alfred Hitchcock films. 

Raymond Chandler wrote the screenplay who also wrote:

Double Indemnity and The Big Sleep

As always we'll have coffee, pastries and popcorn for those who get there

early as well as prizes for those who pay close attention to the details. 

Have a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season and New Years Celebration!

Warm regards,

Dan Pompa 

In 2016 we had 3 Films:

   June 5th -- My Man Godfrey
         October 9th -- Hangman also Die 
                 December 18th -- Scarlet Street 

All films are on Sunday Afternoons from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM.    
We will begin our Films at 2:00 PM and leave the Library by 5:00 PM. We have a pre and post film discussions and for early arrivals, pastries, coffee as well as popcorn. As always, we have give-aways to offer participants from local sponsors who have also supported us for our Charity Golf Tournaments. There is no charge for the film or for attending the:

                         New York Classic Film Club 

Sunday, October 9th, 2016 -- Hangman also Die 
Sunday, December 18th, 2016  -- Scarlet Street


Past Films Presented--------

On  December 6th, 2015 we showed----

The Bishops Wife   (1948)

      Gary Grant, 
              Loretta Young and 
                                David Niven

this is a classic film that is very underrated as other films are more popular in this genre.

As always we will have a pre and post film discussion and we encourage your participation.
This is a first come, first serve venue. Plan to arrive early as there will be refreshments and pastries provided.


"New York Classic Film Club" 
where we'll be showing, Billy Wilder's film dedicated to Alfred Hitchcock

      "Witness for the Prosecution"

      Sunday, January 11, 2015 
    1:30 PM to 4:30 PM 
  The Port Washington Public Library  
 One Library Drive  
  Port Washington, N.Y., 11050
   as always there will be coffee and pastries at 1:30 PM

  Our Classic Films to be presented in 2015 will begin with:
Billy Wilder's 1957 Film Classic: 

"Witness for the Prosecution"

Directed by Billy Wilder
Written by Billy Wilder and Agatha Christie
Starring: Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietrick, Charles Laughton

Shown on Sunday, January 11th, 2015:

Originally written by Agatha Christie* and published in Britain as "The Hound of Death" it was later published in the United States as "Witness for the Prosecution" in 1948. It was a hit play in London in 1953 then a critically acclaimed play on Broadway with 646 performances in 1954.  Wilder worked with Harry Kurnitz to create the screenplay which differs from the the play and novel. After the work, Kurnitz, as Raymond Chandler did after writing our last film - "Double Indemnity" with Wilder, vowed never to work with Billy Wilder again. However, both films have some of the best screenwriting to come out of Hollywood. The filming began in 1957 at Goldwyn Studios. Ty Power started there 21 years before and was known mostly for his roles as a "pretty face". Dietrick was now a falling star and both felt this film would establish them as serious actors and contenders for the big roles that were passing them by. Who better to direct them than Billy Wilder who was by now established as one the greatest Film Directors of all time…….

……….stay tuned for some of the best kept secrets in Hollywood about the roles they played off screen and the results that changed the landscape of Hollywood from that time on - to be discussed in the pre and post film discussions. 

At that time Agatha Christie was the most popular and prolific mystery writer whose works were only outsold by Shakespeare and the Bible. 

Comments from the showing of “Witness for the Prosecution” on Sunday, January 11, 2015 at the Port Washington Public Library Theater.


My wife and I enjoyed all of it very much. The movie, the setting, the commentary, the audience, were all terrific. We both hope to attend future events.

Irvin B.

I just wanted to tell you what a nice time I had yesterday. You do such a fantastic job!!! It's no wonder that you're wanted for your national presentations.

Phyllis R.

I enjoyed the movie, and I particularly appreciated your commentary. It was such a nice turnout for the Film Club.


What a great afternoon you provided for all. The Film Club is such a nice way to spend a Sunday Afternoon. You are really great!

Rose R.

We all enjoyed the movie yesterday and are looking forward to the next one. You had a great turn out yesterday. My friends and I are amazed by your knowledge of films.

Connie S.

Your presentation and insight into the making of the film was amazing. Great movie, and critique, we both loved it. Great as usual.

Harvey G

My Mom and I enjoyed this one tremendously. Your review of the film and the insights you gave were uniquely insightful. Thanks for bringing this to the Library.

Andrew J

Thanks so much for Sunday! We all enjoyed your discussion and the movie immensely. Afterward, I talked to a few first time patrons and I think you made some new few fans for the “New York Classic Film Club”.

Barbara L.


Our Next Movie is considered by many to be Billy Wilder's finest work:

The Apartment





This was shown on Sunday, June 14th at our
regular location: Port Washington Public Library
with the regular coffee and pastries for those who
arrive on time. That's 1:30 AM. We will have a pre and post film discussion and prizes to distribute to those who answer the most 
challenging questions.



Sunday, October 11th, 2015 @ 1:30 PM
NEW YORK CLASSIC FILM CLUB. Dr. Dan Pompa selects influential films and invites speakers who can offer a unique perspective. Today’s classic is Fritz Lang’s You Only Live Once (1937- 86 min.). Secretary Joan Graham (Sylvia Sidney) loves career criminal Eddie Taylor (Henry Fonda). Believing him to be a good person who just had some tough breaks, she uses her influence to get him released from prison. Eddie marries Joan and tries to go straight, but things don’t work out the way they’d hoped. 1:30 p.m.

                                                          at the

                                                Inline image 1

Sunday, October 11, 2015 from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Now in its third year, this is our 7th Film. Showing  

"You Only Live Once" 

                                                           Inline image 1 

This film was released in 1937 and stars a very young Henry Fonda and Silvia Sidney. The Director is Fritz Lang. This is his second American Film, after his successful "Fury", our first film in the series. It is Classic Film Noir,  before it was called that. 

     As always there will be a pre and post film discussion starting
at 1:45 PM. We end our program by 4:30 PM. There will be coffee and pastries served at 1:30 PM so plan to arrive early as it's on a first come first serve basis. There is no charge. As always we will also be giving out prizes to those who can answer some difficult questions about the film and pick up some "Director" techniques that will be discussed in the post-discussion.  

As we've also seen two other Fritz Lang Films in the Series: (Fury and Manhunt) this film adds to the others in a unique way that we will discuss after the showing. Many of you will be surprised with this and it will relate to the Film -- Witness for the Prosecution by Billy Wilder which we have also seen.

Looking forward to this film as it is one of my favorites and one that few have seen. 

If you would like to see updated information about the lecture schedule for
Dr. Dan Pompa for 2015 and 2016 please go to 
the website: and then to the
Navigation bar: Future Lecture Schedule

Best regards,

                  Dr. Dan Pompa

This film got a Critics rating of 100% on the Tomato Reader.

Other films shown at our Film club on the Tomato reader were and their rating: 

Witness for the Prosecution…..100% (very rare)


Body and Soul…………………….100%

Double Indemnity…………………..96%

The Apartment………………………93%

Man Hunt……………………………..90%

On  December 6th, 2015 we will show:

The Bishops Wife   (1948)

      Gary Grant,
              Loretta Young and
                                David Niven

this is a classic film that is very underrated as other films are more popular in this genre.

As always we will have a pre and post film discussion and we encourage your participation.
This is a first come, first serve venue. Plan to arrive early as there will be refreshments and pastries provided.

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